Moments for Two


For timeless moments…

There are moments that we desire to be timeless.
Such as special moments for two.
Princely Tours privatizes atypical and exceptional places for you to live unforgettable moments. Whether you are romantic, adventurous, eccentric, or classic, experience a hiatus that resembles and unites you.

Surprise me… Experience a day of discovery for two, full of surprises and emotions. Shhh! Each of you knows only for part of the program.

Immerse yourself for a day in the era of your dreams.
Costumes, gastronomy, remarkable places, art of living, culture.
Relive those epic moments that have marked history.

Live a timeless moment surrounded in beauty.
On the program: well-being and pampering for two.


Service at its best


Unique proposals

We create tailor-made vacations that resemble you.

Authentic meetings

Enthusiasts, experts, coaches, pass on their know-how to you.

Atypical settings

We open the doors of the most confidential and reserved places for you.