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our experiential worlds

Choose the experience that suits you and we will design your trip…

Cultural heritage

Open the doors of French heritage in the company of renowned experts.

Workshop Secrets

The greatest French brands open their doors to you.


Enter the heart of renowned French artistic institutions or into more confidential alternative circles.

Authentic meetings

Return to the original source of the journey by experiencing a total immersion in the daily life of French people.

Body & Soul

In preserved locations, our experts give you the keys to (re)learn how to heal your body and your mind.

Moments for two

Princely Tours privatizes atypical and exceptional places for you to live unforgettable moments.

Exceptional parties

Share exceptional moments with those closest to you and create unique memories.


Service at its best


Unique proposals

We create tailor-made vacations that resemble you.

Authentic meetings

Enthusiasts, experts, coaches, pass on their know-how to you.

Atypical settings

We open the doors of the most confidential and reserved places for you.