Exceptional parties

To create lasting memories…

We all want to share exceptional moments with those closest to us.
Princely Tours selects places that are usually inaccessible, have original atmospheres, and one of a kind staging, so that your celebrations are forever engraved in your minds.

We create for your little princes and little princesses a birthday celebration that they will remember for years to come.

Offer a touch of French elegance to the happiest day of your life by organizing your wedding ceremony in Chantilly.

What if the Princes’ Vegetable Garden became the privileged setting for a retirement celebration?


Service at its best


Unique proposals

We create tailor-made vacations that resemble you.

Authentic meetings

Enthusiasts, experts, coaches, pass on their know-how to you.

Atypical settings

We open the doors of the most confidential and reserved places for you.