Body & Soul


Reconnect to the essentials …

Interpret what nature offers us, better understand, and use what surrounds us, listen to yourself, engage in personal and spiritual reflection, seek a balance between body and mind.
In a preserved environment, our experts (naturopath, dietitian, Ayurvedic doctor, sports coach, etc.) give you the keys to (re) learning how to take care of your body and your mind.

Learn about the agriculture of tomorrow (beekeeping, permaculture, aquaponics) while reconnecting with nature.

Experience a pleasant and playful family moment by attending our Food Art workshops in the Chantilly Princes’ vegetable gardens. Let your loved ones discover the pleasure of preparing and tasting fruits and vegetables.

After a personalized diagnosis, our naturopath expert teaches you how to recognize simple and natural remedies in your environment that are adapted to your needs.
Listening and understanding the balance of one’s body is the first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Discover the benefits of Ayurveda, science of life and longevity with the study of ancient texts, yoga, meditation, massages, cures and our cooking classes.

Reclaim your body and your mind by integrating the principles of this millennial philosophy through our workshops, courses, conferences, trips & retreats…


Service at its best


Unique proposals

We create tailor-made vacations that resemble you.

Authentic meetings

Enthusiasts, experts, coaches, pass on their know-how to you.

Atypical settings

We open the doors of the most confidential and reserved places for you.